Our History

Serendipity has been in business since 1975. It started with a group of teachers working at St. Mark's on the Mesa who after a few  years, felt the desire to separate from the church. Molly Grady, our founder, wanted to start a school that would integrate special needs children into a  non-special need setting. Our name was chosen because it reflects the wonderful happenings with children and because it sounds a little like the name Sarah. Molly has a niece, Sarah, who was born with Hydrocephaly and Spina Bifida. She attended St. Mark's and Serendipity and is now a successful and productive member of society and the local work force. We no longer have a special needs classroom, but have special needs children who are integrated into our classrooms while receiving services from a variety of outside organizations. 

Established as a non-profit, Felicidad Foundation (our corporate name) has a board of directors whose mission is to look at long range planning, support the staff and do fundraising. We spent 20 years renting our first location on Girard across from Jefferson Middle School. In 1995, we moved to our current location after purchasing the 3 buildings from the New Mexico School for the Deaf. Our new location has one more classroom than our Girard school and the staff at the time voted to have a classroom of young two year olds as opposed to offering after school care. 

We are now in our 42nd year of operation and feel that our philosophies are as sound today as they were 42 years ago. WE take great pride in offering a quality program to families and have a string of former Serendipity children coming back to us in the capacity of parent, teacher, or simply to say hello. It is very heartwarming and also humbling to know we have been part of these lives. Here's to 42 more years!

A performer at the First Annual Strawberry Festival in 1975

Belly Dancers perform at a 1980s Strawberry Festival held at Civic Plaza, ABQ, NM

Second Annual Strawberry Festival 1976. Girard and Lomas location

Serendipity moves to Richmond location in 1995. New office building constructed during the late 90s

Belly Dancers perform at a 1980s Strawberry Festival held at Civic Plaza, ABQ, NM

A teacher sells Serendipity t-shirts at the 10th Annual Strawberry Festival in 1985