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June Newsletter 2017


June Newsletter 2017

Serendipity Calendar:


Tuesday July 4th CLOSED..........................Independence Day



We have a few summer spaces available if anyone has friends or neighbors who are interested in care for their children.


Please put sunscreen on your child before they get dressed in the morning. It is extremely difficult for teachers to apply sunscreen when your child arrives. Drop off times can get busy and the sunscreen could get overlooked. We will apply more as necessary for the afternoon with the sunscreen you have provided, but that initial coating is a good idea and is very helpful!


We have Water Play days during the summer on Tuesdays and Fridays every week starting on Tuesday June 6th. We'll have sprinklers, wading pools, water slides, puddles and wet sand on the playground. On water play days, please send your child to school in a swimming suit or in clothes that can get wet and with an extra good coat of sunscreen. Bring a towel and a change of clothes and remember to label EVERYTHING with your child's full name. Children do not have to participate in water play if they don't want to. 


Please remember to keep clean spare clothes in your child's cubby. The teachers do their best to hep the children keep clean, but wet sand, spill and bathroom accidents happen and your child could need a spur-of-the-moment change of clothes. Check the cubby each night at pick up time to see what may need washing or replacing for the next day. And again, please make sure to label, label, label!


It is a licensing requirement that all nap items be washed once a week. It is also just a good idea. Please help us out on this matter and take your child's nap items home at least once a week to be washed. If your child has a toileting accident during the day or at nap, the soiled items will be put in a plastic bag and will be placed in your child's cubby. The teachers will write a message on the comments section of the sign-in/sign-out sheet so you are aware of things that need to be taken home. 


Please make sure all the information we have on file for your child is current i.e., new phone numbers, new emergency contact numbers, disconnected land lines, new home address, or outgrown food allergies. Please stop in the office to update this information.


We don't have any definite summer fundraisers planned yet, but hopefully will have something set up within the next few weeks. Stay tuned....


With the hot summer temperatures, the metal seat belt and car seat buckles in a closed car can quickly become dangerously hot and children can get  bad burn. Throw a blanket or a towel over your child's car seat while you car is parked, so the metal will not be in the sun and therefore blistering hot when it's time to buckle up.


1. BOXTOPS FOR EDUCATION- these are small coupons found on the packaging of many common household products. Look, clip and then drop off in the canister in our entryway. Serendipity gets $ for every single coupon!

2. SMITH'S COMMUNITY REWARDS- If you shop at Smith's Food and Drug and have a Smith's Rewards Card, you can link your card to Felicidad Foundation (our corporate name) at www.smithscommunityrewards.com. Click on "register" and type in #33610. Serendipity will get $ for all purchases and it won't affect your personal rewards points. If you don't have a Smith's Rewards Card, they are easy to obtain at your local store.

2. AmazonSMILE- If you shop online at Amazon you can designate Serendipity as the charitable organization you'd like to support, and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase. Go to smile.amazon.com and register using your email and Amazon password. Type in "Felicidad Foundation" as the organization you'd like to support. If you have an Amazon account, you can designate Felicidad Foundation by scrolling over "my account" and clicking on where it asks if you'd like to change your charitable organization. 

Please ask your friends and family members to support Serendipity through Smith's Rewards and AmazonSmile too. It's quick and easy, they will only have to register once and Serendipity gets money!