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End of School Year Newsletter 2017


End of School Year Newsletter 2017

Serendipity Calendar:


Last day of school year.......................Friday May 26th

Memorial Day......................Monday May 29th CLOSED

First Day of Summer Session...............Tuesday May 30th  


Another school year is coming to an end, and we thought one last newsletter was in order for a variety of reasons:


Remember to check the classroom posting strips and the table in our entryway for receipts, notices, newsletters and general tidbits of priceless information. 


First off, we'd like to than everyone for all of the support you have given us throughout this past school year. With the Potluck supper, Parent work day, Yard Sale fundraiser, classroom activities, field trips and restaurant fundraisers--we've asked a lot of you this year! We had a great turnout for each event and wanted to thank everyone who chaperoned, moved sand, pulled weeds, brought in donations, shopped/helped at the yard sale and went out to dinner! Whew! It just proves what we've known all along; Serendipity children have the best families in town!


If your child will not be attending Serendipity this summer, or he/she is moving into a different classroom, please take all of their belongings home by Friday, May 26th. This includes clothes and nap items in the cubbies as well as sunscreen, diaper rash cream, art work, etc. The teachers will have plastic bags available to carry everything if you need. 


Some of the children who were with us over the school year won't be attending Serendipity this summer. WE wish for you a fun and safe summer; we'll see you in August!

We also need to say goodbye to so many children who won't be at Serendipity this summer or next fall. Some are moving away from Albuquerque and some have outgrown Serendipity and will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. Children growing up strong, smart, happy and healthy are the ultimate goal for parents and teachers...but who said it should happen so fast? Many of these children have older siblings who attended Serendipity and we've known these families for years. It's bittersweet to say goodbye. We will miss you and wish you all the very vest. Please come by when you get a chance, we love weeing how "our" children have grown.

in closing, we realize how fortunate we are to be spending our days with your wonderful, amazing and incredibly special children. 



1. BOXTOPS FOR EDUCATION- these are small coupons found on the packaging of many common household products. Look, clip and then drop off in the canister in our entryway. Serendipity gets $ for every single coupon!

2. SMITH'S COMMUNITY REWARDS- If you shop at Smith's Food and Drug and have a Smith's Rewards Card, you can link your card to Felicidad Foundation (our corporate name) at www.smithscommunityrewards.com. Click on "register" and type in #33610. Serendipity will get $ for all purchases and it won't affect your personal rewards points. If you don't have a Smith's Rewards Card, they are easy to obtain at your local store.

2. AmazonSMILE- If you shop online at Amazon you can designate Serendipity as the charitable organization you'd like to support, and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase. Go to smile.amazon.com and register using your email and Amazon password. Type in "Felicidad Foundation" as the organization you'd like to support. If you have an Amazon account, you can designate Felicidad Foundation by scrolling over "my account" and clicking on where it asks if you'd like to change your charitable organization. 

Please ask your friends and family members to support Serendipity through Smith's Rewards and AmazonSmile too. It's quick and easy, they will only have to register once and Serendipity gets money!