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October Newsletter 2017


October Newsletter 2017

Serendipity Calendar:


Monday October 9th 5:30-7:00...................Parent Pot Luck



Our annual Family Pot Luck is Monday October 9th from 5:30-7:00 at Serendipity (on our playground). This is a fun and informal gathering of families and staff. You can meet your child's friends and their families as well as visit with our staff in a more causal atmosphere. The school will provide paper goods and beverages. Please bring a favorite dish! We will be posting sign-up sheets in the entryway. Remember to label your serving dish and any serving utensils. See you there!


Each classroom will do age-appropriate Halloween activities towards the end of October. We ask that the children DO NOT wear costumes and/or masks to school on Halloween. We have found that masks can be scary for some young children, and giving them a chance to create their own costume from dress-up items, or others materials provided by the teachers or having their faces painted fosters imagination, creativity and is never scary. This also ensure that the actual costume for other Halloween activities will not be ruined at school. Make sure you check with your child's teachers and watch the class newsletters for happenings in their class. 


It's the time of year where Albuquerque is 50 degrees in the morning and 80 degrees in the afternoon. The key to your child's comfort is layering. Send your child to school with a light jacket or sweater in the morning so he/she can take it off later in the day. Please try not to let jackets accumulate at school and don't forget to LABEL LABEL LABEL EVERYTHING!


Please get into the habit of signing your child in and out every day. This is required by CYFD, the Child and Adult Care Food Program and is just a good idea for safety purposes. Also, be sure to make contact with one of your child's teachers at pick up time. A quick hello is great, but a wave to a teacher from across the playground will also do.


The information/posting strips for all classes are on the wall opposite the main entrance. This is where we post receipts, letters, and notes for families. Look for papers with yours or your child's name. 


Please have your child wash his/her hands upon arrival Cold and flu season will be here with the colder weather, so it's also a good time to review our sick policy which is in your Parent Handbook and on the classroom bulletin board boards as well. It is also important to remember that there is a completely different tax on  your child's energy at school versus home. A child can seem only mildly ill at home, yet at school they are busy following a schedule, interacting with friends, and are wiped out in no time as well as infecting the rest of the classroom. Please keep you child home if they are not feeling well! If you have any questions about our sick policy, please stop in the office.


In order to minimize separation anxiety in the morning we ask that you try to bring your child in NO LATER THAN 8:45. This way there is time for the teachers to help your child transition to school before the breakfast routine begins. It can be hard for the teachers to give their attention to children who are saying goodbye and also to children who are eating. PLEASE help us by doing your best to arrive before we sit down to breakfast


Lakeshore Learning Center has Crafts for Kids every Saturday from 11:00 to 3:00 for children 3 and up. It's FREE!


You can order Scholastic books online through the Serendipity account. Go to www.scholastic.com, click on "parents" and type in our code which is H99HM. Scholastic has free shipping very good prices and fun gift ideas. 


Please do not send food with your child in the morning, even if he/she did not eat breakfast at home. Your child will need to sit a the table to eat while the others are playing and food from home often causes difficulties when other children see classmates with food they cannot have. Talk to your child'd teacher and he/she can provide a pre-breakfast snack for everyone if needed. 


KLTD classes will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays starting September 6th here at Serendipity. The cost in $45.00 per month with a $10.00 registration fee. You can register on-line at www.kidslovetodance.com or take a registration form from our entrway. 


Group music lessons will be starting September 5th. This is also once a week, held on site here at Serendipity. The cost is $55.00 per month with a $20.00 registration fee. You can register on-line at wwwmusiconthewestside.com/preshool-registration or pick up a registration form in our entryway.


Please do not leave ANY medications, including sunscreen, Chapstick, or diaper rash cream, in your child's cubby. This is against state regulations. Give ALL medications to your child's teacher and make sure to fill out the medication form.


It is a licensing requirement that all nap items be washed once a week. It is also just a good idea. Please help us out on this matter and take your child's nap items home at least once a week to be washed. If your child has a toileting accident during the day or at nap, the soiled items will be put in a plastic bag and will be placed in your child's cubby. The teachers will write a message on the comments section of the sign-in/sign-out sheet so you are aware of things that need to be taken home. 


1. BOXTOPS FOR EDUCATION- these are small coupons found on the packaging of many common household products. Look, clip and then drop off in the canister in our entryway. Serendipity gets $ for every single coupon!

2. SMITH'S INSPIRING DONATIONS- Smith's Food and Drug has changed their Community Rewards program to Smith's Inspiring Donations. If you are already part of their rewards program and have designated Serendipity (Felicidad Foundation is our corporate name) as the business you support, you will need to re-register. Go to www.smithsfoodanddrug.com and find "community" at the bottom of the home page. Select "Inspiring Donations". Then follow the instructions to re-register. Our number AO839 and our NPO is 33610. If you are not part of Smith's rewards, but you shop at Smith's, we'd like to encourage you to sign up for this fundraiser. Serendipity gets .05% of your grocery purchases. The more parents we have signed up, the more money goes to our fantastic school! If you have any questions, please call or stop by the office. 

3. AmazonSMILE- If you shop online at Amazon you can designate Serendipity as the charitable organization you'd like to support, and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase. Go to smile.amazon.com and register using your email and Amazon password. Type in "Felicidad Foundation" as the organization you'd like to support. If you have an Amazon account, you can designate Felicidad Foundation by scrolling over "my account" and clicking on where it asks if you'd like to change your charitable organization. 

4.United Way- Serendipity is a "designated recipient" for United Way Donations. If you donate to UW through your workplace, please keep Serendipity in mind. You can designate Felicidad Foundation which is the non-profit corporation doing business as Serendipity Day School. 


Many children, especially those new to the preschool experience or new to Serendipity, can sometimes have a hard time saying good-bye in the morning. Here are some hints and tips to make this easier for you and your child. 

1. As a parent, make sure your good-bye is positive:

"I know you are going to have so much fun at school today!"

"It's great that you get to stay here and play with your friends!"

"Your teachers have some fun things planned for today."

2. Make sure to tell your child good-bye, then leave:

Do not sneak out while your child is occupied. They need to know what's really going on. And if you linger, it becomes harder on your child, and you, to separate. Smile and say "I love you and will see you in a while. Have fun!" Then walk out the door. DO NOT go back into the room once you have left, even if your child is crying. Stop by the office if you need some reassurance. We can go to the classroom to see how things are going before you leave the school. 

3. Words and phrases to avoid:

"I will miss you."

"There's nothing to be scared of."

"I am so sorry you have to stay here, but I have to go to work."

4. Talk about school at home.

Make it part of casual conversation at meals, during bath or bed time. Mention the names of your child's teachers and classmates. Talk about things in the classroom and out on the playground.

5. Talk with your child's teachers.

The teachers can let you now of strategies that have worked for other children in their class, but most of all remember that this will become easier. First weeks are just that, first weeks. They are full of adjustments, adaptation and yes, sometimes tears.